For some time it advises in Norway on a spectacular project for the shipping. On the Stadhalbinsel a Tunnel should be built, big enough for full-blown ocean-going vessels. He should cross the Peninsula to get around the an unsafe vessel route between Bergen and Kirkenes.

far-fetched the reason is, channels have been built to make routes shorter and safer. What is new, however, the ships a route across Land in a Tunnel below the 300-metre-high cliffs of the Peninsula to drive. 56 ships are expected to drop on the Route, the other got into serious difficulties. The way to the fjords around is considered to be one of the most dangerous routes on the coast of Norway.

Safe Passage

in the 19th century. Century, people have dreamed, therefore, of a Tunnel. Politically, the decision in 2017 was taken. 2022 should be started with the construction. The planned Tunnel is 36 feet wide and 49 meters high, 12 meters accounts for the depth, but he only needs to be 1.7 kilometres long. That’s enough for the Mail and passenger ships of the Hurtigruten, even small container ships fit into it.

ships would have to register in advance for the Passage, because the Tunnel would not be wide enough for two approaching ships. The pure travel time is greatly shortened, it is in the Tunnel, only ten minutes. 120 ships should be able to pass through the Tunnel of the day.

The Tunnel is a single measure in a gigantic infrastructure project with Norway is trying to improve the travel times along the rugged coast. One hopes in Oslo, to stop the out-migration from these regions.

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Without a Use for Hurtigruten

the Tunnel was also Planned to make the Route for the ships of the Hurtigruten safer. The company is eleven ships on the Route between Bergen and Kirkenes travel. However, this company at risk in the meantime the whole project. Meanwhile, Hurtigruten has declared that the Tunnel is not in use.

The company believes that the Tunnel offers no advantages for the own ship traffic. Only a few Times in the year, the old Passage had been blocked. In normal operation, the shortening of the duration of the trip would bring no advantage, said the company. The range reduction will reduce the journey time during the night, an earlier arrival for the passengers of low value. The spectacular drive-through would take place so early that you could just admire the passengers, the uprisings in the middle of the night.

sources: NRK Business Portal Norway


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Gernot Kramper Kra