EELV officials in Nièvre, where the RN was in the lead in the 2nd constituency after the 1st round of the legislative elections, called on Wednesday “unambiguously to beat the far right” by voting for the presidential majority despite the qualification of the Nupes.

In a rare triangle, in this constituency where the PS did not present a candidate for the first time in its history when François Mitterrand was a deputy there for more than 30 years – the RN Julien Guibert (27.80% in the first round) will be opposed on Sunday to outgoing deputy Patrice Perrot (Ensemble-Renaissance, 26.75%) and Marie-Anne Guillemain (Nupes-LFI, 24.31%).

“The advance of the far-right candidate is notable and he has a vote reserve of 5 to 15%, or even more if we consider the ambiguous behavior of a certain number of LR representatives vis-à-vis the RN for months”, believe in a press release Vincent Morel and Virginie Charrière, the departmental secretaries of EELV, confirming information from the Journal du Center.

“If the risk of seeing our territory represented by a far-right deputy is real, the probability of seeing the Nupes candidate win is almost nil, in the absence of a reserve of votes”, they add, before call to vote for Patrice Perrot.

The approach of the Greens of Nièvre has been validated by the national authorities of their party in Paris, assure the latter to AFP.

“We called to vote for Emmanuel Macron in the second round of the April 2022 presidential election, despite the excesses of a liberal-authoritarian government. It could not be different today: even if she herself loses sometimes its own benchmarks, we do not confuse the right and the far right”, they underline.

15/06/2022 11:11:49 —         Lyon (AFP)           © 2022 AFP