Paradox Interactive, the company known for popular games like Cities: Skylines and Crusader Kings, recently made a disappointing announcement. The much-anticipated game, Life By You, which was supposed to be a potential rival to the Sims franchise, has been canceled after facing multiple delays.

Initially announced in March 2023, Life By You seemed like a promising addition to the life-management genre dominated by EA’s Sims series. The game was set to offer extensive customization options, allowing players to not only change appearances and homes but also control conversations and career paths. Moreover, Paradox Interactive promised that Life By You would be highly moddable, allowing players to personalize their gaming experience even further.

However, on June 17, Paradox Interactive officially confirmed the cancellation of Life By You. In a statement released on the company’s official forums, deputy CEO Mattias Lilja expressed regret over the decision, acknowledging that it was a failure to meet both the company’s and the community’s expectations. Despite multiple delays intended to improve the game, the studio realized that they still had a long way to go after taking a wider view of the project.

The cancellation came just two weeks before the planned early access launch, leaving fans disappointed and frustrated. Lilja admitted that it was a tough and disappointing decision for everyone involved in the project, especially given the amount of time and effort invested in it. Moving forward, Paradox Interactive aims to learn from this experience and make necessary changes to prevent similar outcomes in the future.

While there is no guarantee that such delays and cancellations won’t happen again, the studio is committed to improving its processes and ensuring better outcomes for future projects. Despite the setbacks, Paradox Interactive remains dedicated to its mission and will continue taking steps to deliver high-quality games to its audience.