Don’t Nod, the game developer, has decided to delay the release of Lost Records: Bloom & Rage to early 2025. This decision was made in order to avoid releasing the game around the same time as the upcoming Life is Strange: Double Exposure. The CEO of Don’t Nod, Oskar Guilbert, mentioned that they want to give both games the space they need to be enjoyed by their players and the community they have built.

The game, Lost Records: Bloom & Rage, is expected to be another memorable chapter in the Don’t Nod universe. The developers believe that the wait will be worth it for the fans. The game is set to be a narrative adventure game, similar to the Life is Strange series. It will be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Interestingly, Don’t Nod was the original developer of the Life is Strange series, creating several installments before handing off the series to Deck Nine Games. This includes games like Life is Strange: Before the Storm, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, and Life is Strange 2. This history with the Life is Strange series may have influenced the decision to delay the release of Lost Records: Bloom & Rage.

Overall, fans of Don’t Nod and the narrative adventure genre can look forward to the release of Lost Records: Bloom & Rage in early 2025. The developers are excited to share this new adventure with their players and hope that it will be well-received within the gaming community. Stay tuned for more updates on the game as it approaches its new release date.