Nintendo Switch Online continues to surprise its subscribers with new additions to its NES classics library. Recently, Nintendo announced the addition of seven new games to the service, bringing the total number of first-party NES games available to almost all of them.

The new additions include Urban Champion, Golf, Donkey Kong Jr. Math, Mach Rider, The Mystery of Atlantis, Solar Jetman, and Cobra Triangle. While games like Urban Champion and Golf were developed and published by Nintendo, Cobra Triangle and Solar Jetman were created by Rare, with music from David Wise, known for his work on Donkey Kong Country.

One interesting addition is Golf, a simple sports simulation game that holds a special significance. It was co-developed by the late Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, who was the sole programmer on the project. In a tribute to Iwata after his passing, a hidden copy of Golf was included on the Switch, accessible on the anniversary of his death by mimicking his signature hand gesture with the Joy-Con. This Easter Egg was later removed but has now been reintroduced to the NES library, coinciding with the approaching ninth anniversary of Iwata’s death.

Among the new games, The Mystery of Atlantis stands out as a unique and challenging side-scrolling adventure that was never released outside of Japan. With 101 zones to explore and enemies that can defeat you in one hit, this game offers a tough and intriguing gameplay experience for retro gaming enthusiasts.

With these new additions, Nintendo Switch Online continues to expand its collection of classic NES games, offering both nostalgia and new discoveries for players. Whether revisiting familiar titles or exploring hidden gems, subscribers have more options to enjoy the retro gaming experience on the modern console. Stay tuned for more updates and surprises from Nintendo Switch Online as they continue to enhance the gaming library for their subscribers.