The German U-boats are followed by misfortune. Once again U have been gerumst-boat of the German Navy against a rock, and damaged. The accident happened on Tuesday in the Norwegian naval base Haakonsvern South of Bergen. When berthing, the U 36 come with the aft X-rudder against a rock. A spokesman for the naval command in Rostock, said: “There was a slight damage. Divers have photographed the rudder blade. The images are now evaluated in Eckernförde.”

no one was Injured in this accident. The contact was successful, the damage is also limited. The rudder to be movable, and the boat should be able to move on their own power. “The rudder can move,” confirmed the spokesman.

no details are known, but from the active application will have to be U 36 well-to-adopt. If the rudder has gotten more than just a superficial scar, it must be repaired of the damage.

And this can take time. 2017 U 35 “for some time” with a rudder blade on a rock, also in Norwegian waters. At that time, the rudder blade was bent, but strong. Since these parts of the Navy, for reasons of cost will not be more than replacement maintained part, the downtime of the boats are extremely long. In the case of the procurement of the boats had been dispensed with the previously usual package of spare parts. Now needs parts, they need to be custom-made specially. “U 35“ since the accident, still not back to full duty.

spare parts crisis in the Navy

For the Navy is this a great disgrace. In case of conflict, the state of the art boats to block the Baltic sea, the fact that it was about a year long, because not a single German U-boat was operational.

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In may were at least three boats in service (U-36, U-31 and U-33). Now, the number is likely to reduce, at least temporarily, to two.

How it came to the time of the accident, is not yet finally resolved, it could be a Human or technical failure. Neither of these is flattering to the Navy, the static rock is not have led to the accident in any case brought about.

U 36 belongs to the U-Boot class 212 A – these boats are considered to be the quietest submarines in the world, and are extremely hard to track down. Armed the boats with torpedoes of the standard caliber of 533 mm. The Navy has six U-boats of type 212A. In these boats it is not formidable models such as the nuclear submarines of the superpowers, which are equipped with far-range missiles.

There are much smaller ships, the can but go silent on the journey, and are very difficult to locate. The German U-boats enjoy a very good reputation. In the hands of an experienced crew, who know to take advantage of the currents of the water layers, are these boats in the defense of large fleets under the tires to break and the Central large vessels of the opponent’s suit. The type 212A is equipped with hydrogen fuel cells, so it is possible to stay more than two weeks under water.

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Six U-boats of type 212A to lock in the case of the Baltic sea. But at the Moment they are all broken and to be repaired due to missing spare parts slow. Not a single U-boat should be ready for use.

Gernot Kramper