to install The face in any Video Clip, the Zao promises. Unlike previous deep fakes of the App for a single photo and a few seconds of time. No wonder that Zao is in the home China just completely through the roof. But at the same time, the Trouble grows.

The results are at least impressive. Users post Clips, in which they see the roles of the heroes of the “Game of Thrones”, as the “Iron Man” or Leonardo DiCaprio in every one of his movies. In the latter example, the user wants to have Allan Xia, for example, only be photo and eight seconds of waiting to invest. The effect is, in part, managed to shockingly good: It works, as I played the game instead of the Hollywood Star, the young Chinese Xia in “Titanic”, “Romeo and Juliet” or “The Great Gatsby”.

allows to improve the effect, yet it is so far only available in China App is also a whole series of images to upload, in which it blinks, opens his mouth and making silly faces, to enhance the effect.

What happens with the photos?

the critical voices were, However, as in the case of the aging variant of the “Face App” in the spring quickly according to. So users have noted that the group behind Zao, Momo Inc, wants far to secure extensive rights to the images and Videos. So you would take all the App-created content and even to a third party license, the “Guardian”. To compensate, of course, without the users of it. A contradiction, the user is not provided in retrospect.

Terrifying technique deep fakes: could Why play them soon in porn, without bringing to the knowledge Of the painted Mans

Meanwhile, the operators are rowed back. We have taken note of the privacy concerns, said Zao in a Statement. “We will address the problems, we have not considered. However, it will take time.” After all, the group says, since then, to use the photos and Videos of the users, in order to improve the App. In addition, all content should disappear from the servers, if one deletes the content or their Account. The terms and conditions of use have been adapted.

well-Known deep fake problems

The criticism is reminiscent of the Viral Sensation Face App in the spring. Here, too, the users were able to upload their images, to modify them and to make about older or younger. And Face App criticism of the terms, conditions, and came quickly, which was appeased by the Russian operator quickly.

Deep Fakes Fake Videos and voice Imitation: Why all the blackmail in “Mission: Impossible”-style threatening Of the painted Mans

Also brings the deep fake technology behind the App is at least controversial. With the help of Artificial intelligence created Videos to offer – as in the case of Zao – lot of entertainment potential. However, the risk of abuse is huge. The technology had aroused the first Time greater attention, as well-known Actresses were installed as Gal Gadot porn. Also in relation to political campaigns or to blackmail the potential is huge.

The popularity of Zao seems to do the discussion about the dangers of this but no crash. The App climbed to the Monday in Apple’s App Store to the top of the Chinese Charts Download.

source: the Guardian, App Annie, Zao

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