30. Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall to explore the owner of a smartphone or Tablet computer, the Berlin wall, virtually to its historically correct location.

With the help of Augmented Reality (AR, augmented reality) will be shown in the App “MauAR” approximately 160 kilometres of the former wall course. “30 years ago, the Berlin wall fell.

that means That there is now a whole Generation that has not seen the wall,” said the Berlin-based developer Peter Kolski in the Gethsemane-Church of the presentation of the programme. With the App you can make the wall come alive.

The application that is initially available for the iPad and iPhone of Apple available in Berlin directly at the former course of the wall to use. In this case, a built-in map shows where the wall was and what it looked like before the fall of the Berlin wall.

A 3D model of the wall system but also in every place outside of Berlin on the screen is fetched, and virtually committed. Here, the App visualizes how the wall has evolved from a barbed wire provided a simple stone wall to a life-threatening border security system with guard towers and a “death strip”.

In the App, two fictional characters appear, a Boy from East Berlin and a girl from the West of the city, the reports on the building of the Berlin wall and its consequences from their perspective. For the week of “30 years of the Peaceful Revolution, the fall of the wall” in November, the App is designed to highlight the historical events and retell. So the users are virtually to the mass demonstration from the 4. November 1989 on the Alexanderplatz in Berlin can participate. The wall fell a few days later on 9. November.

A prototype of the App had caused in the past year in the industry for attention, as Apple CEO Tim Cook’s visit was to Berlin-the application show.

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