In May 2022, Variety reported that Netflix was working on a TV show based on the popular PlayStation game, Horizon Zero Dawn. The show would follow the story of Aloy as she battles against robotic dinosaurs in a live-action series. However, recent reports from Rolling Stone suggest that the production of the show may be in trouble.

The show was being developed by showrunner Steve Blackman, known for his work on The Umbrella Academy. Unfortunately, allegations of toxic behavior, bullying, and discrimination have been made against Blackman. These accusations have created a cloud of uncertainty around the future of the Horizon Zero Dawn adaptation.

Despite Blackman denying the allegations, Netflix has not provided any updates on the status of the show. It was initially announced as part of a series of adaptations following the success of The Last of Us. However, with the recent controversy surrounding Blackman, it is unclear if the project will move forward.

Rolling Stone has reported that both Horizon Zero Dawn and another sci-fi show called Orbital, which Blackman was involved in, are no longer moving forward. This news has left fans wondering about the fate of the highly anticipated TV adaptation.

As of now, there has been no official statement from Netflix regarding the status of the Horizon Zero Dawn series. It is possible that the project was still in the early stages of development, given the lack of updates since 2022. However, fans remain hopeful that the show will eventually find a new showrunner who can do justice to the beloved franchise.

Overall, the future of the Horizon Zero Dawn TV adaptation remains uncertain. The controversy surrounding showrunner Steve Blackman has cast a shadow over the project, leaving fans anxious about its fate. Despite the setbacks, there is still hope that the show will eventually make its way to the small screen with a team that can honor the original game’s legacy.