What do you do to pass the time while anticipating the release of a new game? Do you post on forums, constantly check for updates, or play other games to keep yourself occupied? Or do you engage in a relentless spree of killings in a different game? If the latter option sounds familiar, then you might relate to Sidek, a Skyrim player who has been spending his days killing Nazeem in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim every day until The Elder Scrolls 6 finally hits the shelves, and sharing these videos on YouTube. Is it a gruesome hobby? Absolutely. Does Nazeem deserve such treatment? Probably not. But is it an entertaining pastime nonetheless? Undoubtedly.

For those unfamiliar, Nazeem is a haughty Redguard resident of Whiterun who condescendingly asks the player, “Do you get to the Cloud District very often?” before answering his own question with, “Oh, what am I saying, of course you don’t.” This arrogance has made Nazeem a target of disdain within the Skyrim community, thus making him a natural victim for Sidek’s murderous activities. Since 2021, Sidek has been uploading daily videos of Nazeem meeting his demise, using a variety of weapons and spells in different locations across the game world. Some kills are straightforward, like beheading him, while others are more creative, such as launching him into a lake teeming with slaughterfish.

This week marked two significant Elder Scrolls milestones: the six-year anniversary of the 30-second TES6 trailer release in 2018, which remains the sole glimpse of Bethesda’s upcoming Elder Scrolls RPG, and Sidek reaching his 999th kill of Nazeem. To commemorate this achievement, Sidek organized a Nazeem-only battle royale for his 1,000th video, where multiple Nazeems faced off against each other. The fight, captured on video, featured amusing subtitles of the Nazeems in pain as they attacked one another. In the end, a lone Nazeem charged at Sidek, only to meet his demise with a spectral bow.

Despite reaching this milestone, Sidek shows no signs of slowing down. His 1,001st video depicts another unceremonious death for Nazeem, this time with an ancient Nordic pickaxe. As Nazeem walks past the corpse of another Nazeem, the cycle of killings continues. One can only hope that Bethesda releases The Elder Scrolls 6 before Nazeem meets another thousand ends.