Natalia kasperskaya: domestic digital industry is going through hard times

the President of the group of companies InfoWatch Natalya Kaspersky told the TV channel “Russia 24” that during a pandemic the value of digital products, the economy has grown. While modern realities helped to expose a number of shortcomings.

Kaspersky believes that at present remote education is not an alternative to “normal”, more familiar to students. For example, the application ZOOM is unsafe because it can “come” those who were not invited. To deny it does not currently work, because nothing.

the Expert drew attention to the fact that at present domestic digital industry is not in the best condition — there is a drop of revenue. The developers are not enrolled in the area affected by the coronavirus, because you do not have the possibility to reduce taxes, rent, take advantage of the benefits.

Natalya Kaspersky commented on the tricks of fraudsters, who hack accounts, I propose to put different programs remote assistance. According to experts, the national developer there is no way to protect video conferencing in Skype or Zoom. This is due to the fact that it is arranged as a cloud.

the Specialist noted that is asked additional values, speed is vital, not quality. As an example, kasperskaya drew attention to the situation of system throughput, when only started to implement QR codes and just needed to release the app so that it somehow worked.

Previously, Zoom was really caught in incorrect operation. For example, the application recorded the overstatement of the user base. In addition, the company Group-IB has advised users to switch to analogues of the Zoom video conferencing service because of security concerns.