The Taxi-mediator MyTaxi to occur in the future, with an extended mobility offer and under the new name “Free Now” against private driving services such as Uber.

In the first step, Free Now in Germany, offers from the end of July, in addition to Taxis and rental cars with driver as a new booking option, announced Alexander monk, Germany-chief of Free Now, in Berlin.

The new service will start initially in Hamburg, then Berlin and Frankfurt until the end of August to follow. By year-end, the car should be in fleets in six German cities available. Belongs to the Mobility of the E-Scooter brand hive, will be integrated in the coming months in the App. The scooters are already underway in Portugal, Poland and Austria.

monk acknowledged that the activities of Free Now be viewed from the traditional taxi industry suspicious. “A taxi driver to get high-emotional on us. And we explain, then, what we need to do in order to us the cases of swimming.” Free Now not going to return the Taxis to the back, but for a modernization and strong. “Taxi is in our DNA.”

the Taxi alone could not be stopped rise of Uber and other competitors but, since more and more customers are private car used services, said the monk. He made for a re-regulation of the industry.

Including the deletion of the obligation to Return to the home location for car rental and more flexible Taxi rates the case with lower and upper limits. “We need to bring together the Best of both worlds.”

The Taxi App, passengers direct their tours, 2009 was gone to the starting line. It belongs to since February to be Free Now, the common mobility service providers, the car manufacturers BMW and Daimler (Car2Go, DriveNow). The App has to get the latest Updates, a new Logo. Users would have to download but new and not new set up.

monk stressed that his company was working closely with the cities and chambers of Commerce, and adhered to all legal requirements. “If we want to push the motorized individual traffic in the cities, it is only through Sharing possible.”

In Hamburg, can offer Free Now with the “Match” already rides for a fixed price, if there are multiple passengers share a Taxi in the same direction. In Berlin and at the Munich airport, the Service “Match” is, as yet, no fixed-price guarantee are available.