This weekend, violent heat waves are hitting France. Temperatures even flirt with 40°C in some areas. In Biarritz, it was 41°C on Saturday, a record. An early and unexpected heat wave for the season. The WHO has advised the population to avoid going out as much as possible and to hydrate regularly. So, in order not to lose your head or your reason, the editorial staff of Le Point has concocted a selection of cultural works for you to watch and listen to in order to keep a cool head.

Here is a musical selection, as licked as a scoop of ice cream, and a list of films and series that will make you shiver. In short, a culture broth to consume without moderation, to help you spend a less hellish weekend.

Curtains closed, lights closed and fan set to maximum, it’s time to settle into your sofa and watch these refreshing films.

La Piscine: a sensual swim with Alain Delon

If you can’t take a dip, we invite you to immerse yourself in this 1960s classic. In this emotional drama, we find Alain Delon more attractive than ever alongside his ex-fiancée Romy Schneider. A poignant drama on the themes of jealousy and betrayal, this heavy-paced masterpiece is sure to send shivers down your spine.

Point Break: Unlimited Spray

With Point Break, it’s time to jump into the deep end. This action film puts a chiseled cast, Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze, in surf suits, in a police investigation that turns into a spiritual quest against a backdrop of beaches and surfboards. The sea, symbol of eternal renewal, has a very important philosophical value and represents the questioning of the main character.

But to cool off, nothing better than the waves and their incessant crashing against the sand!

The March of the Emperor: stopover on the ice floe

Impossible to miss ! Put yourself, to dive into this little visual gem, in the shoes of a couple of penguins fighting against the immensity of Antarctica and its most icy horrors. A polar cold that will allow you to withstand the heat wave.

Tanned people go skiing: snow, beauf and fun

To escape the ambient heat, we are ready for anything: even to share a mountain chalet with the noisy gang of Bernard (Gérard Jugnot) and Nathalie (Josiane Balasko). Even if it means being stuck all night on a chairlift listening to the soft voice of Michel Blanc bawl a welcome “Snow Star”.

Stranger Things 4: to travel to a colder dimension

This is THE series of the moment that gives cold sweats. Stranger Things and its young protagonists take us to the Upside Down for a fourth season. In this very pronounced 1980s atmosphere, the characters live paranormal adventures, pushing them to surpass themselves and take risks. On the program: suspense and twists, the recipe for a moment of real thrills.

Music softens manners, perhaps this musical selection will soften the heat that prevails.

“Come for a Ride in the Rain”, Once Upon a Time: Honestly, We’d Like It!

In 1974, Richard Dewitte and Serge Koolenn wrote “I still dreamed of her”. The story of a dreamlike idyll remembered by the sheets. Less splashy, but more invigorating, let’s listen to another of their hits: “Come for a Ride in the Rain.” Leaving a burning love routine, the voice of Joëlle Mogensen invites us under a drizzle, which we idealize very cold. So, how about this little trick?

“Respire”, Mickey 3D: a dystopian bulletin in music

Very good advice, not to be neglected when the hot air compresses our lungs. This early heat wave for the season puts the ecological question at the center of the debate. Mickey 3D is addressed here, in 2002, to a child, evoking in a pessimistic way the repercussions that our unconsciousness would have in the future. A song more relevant than ever.

Ice Pickin’, Albert Collins: popsicle colored blues

We offer you, to finish this selection, a well-iced galette. Texas’ grooviest freezer repairman comes to your rescue with his Telecaster. Your ears will delight in the icy, electric feel of tracks like “Cold, Cold Feeling”, “Ice Pick” or “Avalanche”. Far from being cold, the blues of the man who has been placed 56th greatest guitarist in history is all in flexibility, ideal for imagining himself in a bottle of champagne nestled in a tub of crushed ice.