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the Museum “Yandex” has published audio recordings of sounds for old computers. The project launch is timed to the International museums day, which is celebrated annually on may 18. About it Вестям.Ru according to the company.

On the website of the Museum contains digitized sounds 12 retrocomputers produced in the 80s and 90s year: Compaq Deskpro 386S, Robotron 1715, EC-1849, И9.66, СМ1820 and others. In “Yandex” notice that all the “voices” of old mainframe was recorded at the Museum on special equipment.

“visit ‘Melodies and rhythms of the computer’ listen to the noise first server of Yandex as klatsat mechanical keyboard Model F as bursting machine for reading and punching of paper tape or like a buzzing hard drive ‘Sparks 1030М’ Soviet – computer, compatible with IBM PC/XT,” said the company.

in addition, the “melodies and rhythms of computers” available as an album on “Yandex.Music.” You can hear it on this link.

Listen to Melodies and rhythms of the computer on Yandex.Music

In March, “Yandex” has opened an online exhibit of paintings that were generated by artificial intelligence. “Gallery of art neural network” has about four thousand exhibits: they “drew” a neural network architecture StyleGAN2, which analyzed about 40 thousand works of art.

Text: To.Hi-tech