The service group Spie and a fund common to several motorway companies will launch their own network of ultra-fast charging stations for electric cars at the end of 2022, the groups announced on Monday.

Alongside the networks of car manufacturers and oil groups, this network called “e-Vadea” will have 13 first stations on the motorways of the APRR and Vinci networks, between the northeast and the southeast of France.

Each station will feature up to 12 charging points, with outputs ranging from 150 to 300 kilowatts.

This deployment is mainly financed by the Fund for the ecological modernization of transport (FMET), endowed with 200 million euros, matched by the motorway concessionaires Vinci, APRR and the Abertis group (shareholder of Sanef), and managed by the Demeter funds.

Spie already manages thousands of charging stations in Germany and has deployed hundreds of stations and a test center for European charging giant Ionity.

With the deployment of e-Vadea stations, Spie CityNetworks “expands its skills”, underlines the group in a press release. “From the definition of site potential, to the design/installation of terminals, through operation, maintenance and customer service”, Spie now claims to control “the entire service and value chain”.

The operation and maintenance of the stations will be directly taken care of by the dedicated teams of CityNetworks, the subsidiary of Spie France which sets up energy and digital networks, transport and services to the city. At this stage, the long-term objective has not been specified.