Things are accelerating in the Assembly: the left-wing censure motion against the Borne government will be put to the vote on Monday, July 11, without hope of being adopted, before the deputies seize a first text of the law on the health situation. Discussed in the hemicycle from 4 p.m., the motion of censure defended by the left-wing coalition Nupes has almost no chance of succeeding, for lack of support from the RN and LR groups. But the leader of the LFI deputies Mathilde Panot hopes to make it a demonstration of “mistrust” towards Elisabeth Borne who does not have an absolute majority in the Assembly. L’Insoumise criticizes the Prime Minister for not having asked for a vote of confidence last Wednesday during her declaration of general policy, a “strategy” of “save who can”.

“You will seek to censor a government that is starting its work,” denounced Elisabeth Borne. Government spokesman Olivier Véran castigates a “posture motion”. According to LREM deputy Karl Olive, the motion “will make pschitt”, showing that Jean-Luc Mélenchon, whom he sees behind this initiative, has “the absolute minority”. His macronist colleague Sacha Houlié also criticizes a “waste” of time, far from the concerns of the French.

LFI will speak first on Monday, before the intervention of the Prime Minister and then the other groups for a 2:30 debate. The left could on this occasion echo the revelations of Le Monde on the privileged links between Emmanuel Macron when he was Minister of Economy and the company Uber. It is “a looting of the country”, for Mathilde Panot. Only Members in favor of the motion will participate in the vote. To bring down the government, an absolute majority of 289 votes would be needed, impossible to achieve for the Nupes alone (LFI, PS, ecologists, PCF).

They are 151 in total, but the socialist Dominique Potier did not sign the text. Not sure also that all the signatories are present. Marine Le Pen reiterated on Sunday that her RN group, in full quest for respectability, did not support the motion: “La Nupes does not defend the interests of the French, what they want is to blow up the Republic. »

The examination of the health security bill and its “braking measures” in the face of the resurgence of Covid-19 was postponed until the evening. This text aims to extend systems for collecting health data (Covid tests, vaccination) and to set up a health pass at the borders if the health situation so requires. The deputies unanimously reduced the deadlines for authorizing these measures in committee, until January 31 rather than the end of March – a “co-construction” welcomed by LR and the majority.

But the RNs or certain elected Nupes contest the entire bill and intend to put the health policy carried out on trial. On the far right, Julie Lechanteux had demanded in committee “proof” of the effectiveness of the health pass and launched that the “vaccine does not work” in the face of new variants, attracting the wrath of the majority. At LFI, we denounce “culpable shortcomings” on the “free” tests or air purifiers for schools.

The debates should be animated about the overseas territories. The text provides that the possible border health pass applies for journeys between mainland France and overseas territories. Several elected officials like Davy Rimane (GDR, Guyana) regretted a “stigmatization” of overseas territories. Aware of the tensions overseas, in particular around the obligation to vaccinate caregivers, the new Minister of Health François Braun has promised to go there soon. The emergency doctor will experience his baptism of fire in the hemicycle, in the midst of the seventh wave of Covid.

At the same time, discussions will begin in committee on the other centerpiece of the legislative summer, the bill on purchasing power, with hundreds of amendments on the menu. Government and majority claim to be ready for “compromise”. But “it won’t be no matter what!” “Warned Aurore Bergé, president of the LREM deputies. The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire said he was open to new measures on the tax exemption of overtime and workers’ fuel allowance. The bill will land in the hemicycle from July 18.