A huge database of highly sensitive data, including around one Million fingerprints has been a longer period of time unprotected and unencrypted on the network.

As the Israeli security researcher Noam Rotem and Ran Lokar from the VPN comparison portal vpnMentor reported, the data comes from the platform “Biostar 2” the Korean security company Suprema, which claims to be Europe’s market leader in biometric access control systems. About the security leak first reported the British “Guardian”, as well as the Israeli Portal “Calacalist”.

“Biostar 2” works with fingerprints or facial scans can organize on a web-based platform for smart door locks, with the company access control for your offices or warehouses themselves. The System is used according to information from the “Guardian” of the British police, as well as several companies from the arms industry and banks.

Among the customers from Germany, the researchers had access to data of the company identification base. The company deals with the technology for Printing of ID and access cards.

“The leak is huge,” said the two security researchers. “It endangers not only affected businesses and organizations, but also the employees.” The vulnerability meant that you could receive the complete control over the accounts in the System, Rotem said the Portal “Calcalist”.

The researchers had access to more than 27.8 million records and 23 gigabytes of data, including fingerprint and face detection data, Face images of users, unencrypted user names and passwords, protocols on access to the facilities, safety and approval, and personal data of the staff. Also, you could have records in the company accounts and manipulate to create.

“a Malicious agent could use the leak to hack secure facilities and to manipulate the security protocols for criminal activities.”

Horrified, the researchers showed that in the System the complete set of biometric data is usually unencrypted are stored. To save “instead of a Hash of the fingerprint that cannot be reverse engineered, you can save the actual fingers of the people, which can be copied for malicious purposes, prints”, the researchers said the “Guardian”.

Red and Lokar were Surprised about how bad the Suprema-have secured customers for part of their accounts: “Many of the accounts contained ridiculously simple passwords like” password “and” abcd1234.”

The head of marketing at Suprema, Andy Ahn, told the Guardian that the company had made a “thorough assessment” of the vpnMentor information provided. The customer would be notified in the event of a threat. The company vpnMentor said that the security hole had been closed on Tuesday, a week after the leak was discovered.

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