More than 20,000 visitors, attracted to the re:publica in Berlin this year, according to its own information. Over three days, around 1100 speakers for a full program on the Internet-conference.

“We have sought 50 per cent quota for women, and this year, for the first time,” said co-founder Markus Beckedahl of the dpa.

And: So much policy, there was never a re:publica. For the first time, the Internet has opened the conference with Frank-Walter Steinmeier of the Federal President, is Also Minister for the family, Franziska Giffey, Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil, and environment Minister, Svenja Schulze. Also, many of the secretaries of state and the mayor were said Beckedahl. “We are pleased that the interest among the politicians across all the parties – has increased to the AfD, to make the dialogue with the Internet community.”

With the Motto of “tl;dr – too long; didn’t read” ‘ve made re:publica this year, the spirit of the times, said Beckedahl. The have also showed the speech of the Federal President, made a plea for the long speech and a better debate culture. The conference made the small print, the Trend towards a reduction in the net on the topic. This is also a kind of Survival tool in the network, said the researcher and analyst Nanjira Sambuli on your opening speech. In the flood of information was a compromise. “Do we really have an Alternative?” However, the dangers are obvious. The re:publica in many of the papers therefore focus on the detailed debate of culture and the praise of the long speech.

On the last day of the digital conference celebrity came once more enter visiting from Brussels. “I am very glad to be here, the re:publica is a great event,” said the acting EU competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager. Her presentation was devoted to the Fragility of fair competition in the digital age. The challenges are extreme, because the digital evolution is much faster than ever before – and it relates to all areas of life, whether dealing with our friends, social life, agriculture and health. “It takes just a short time to destroy markets, but for a long time to build you up again.”

Vestager has your Amtsbeginn 2014 for tougher rules for large Digital companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook. In Berlin, you also reiterated your claim that dominant companies should be required to transfer the data you collected. “Data is the key issue,” said Vestager. Without access to data, how it collects about Google in his searches and analyses, could develop a firm new business models. Only free access guarantee of the competition. Vestager compared the Situation with the electricity market, in which there are many suppliers, but could use all the same network.