Remember the movie Groundhog Day where a reporter, played by Bill Murray, relived the same day forever? Well, you replace his character with the PSG supporters and Groundhog Day with the promises of change within their club: a refrain that repeats itself after every European disappointment. Paris Saint-Germain would try to change from a model to which it has fully consented for ten years. After Barcelona 2017 and Manchester United 2019, Madrid’s recent fiasco, with elimination in the knockout stages of the Champions League, saw the Parisian management step up again.

In an interview with Le Parisien a few days ago, Nasser Al-Khelaïfi announced his intention to favor humility and work rather than business and stars. “Dream is one thing, reality another. Perhaps we should also change our slogan Dream Bigger. It’s good, but today we must above all be realistic, we no longer want flashy, bling-bling, it’s the end of glitter. We’ve done great things for eleven years, but every year you have to ask yourself how to improve, how to be better. »

�� EXCLUSIVE | Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, the president of PSG, received us this Tuesday to outline his new project Around Kylian Mbappé, he wants players who are fully involved for the club and who will give everything on the pitch ⤵ https://

With the official arrival of Luis Campos and the expected arrival of Christopher Galtier, this desire for change seems to be on the right track. Neymar could even bear the brunt of this new era. Five years after his arrival under the fireworks, the Brazilian would no longer be in the odor of holiness. Those not part of the new trainer’s plans would now be given junk status by being placed in a loft. And the possible recruits (Vitinha, Skriniar, Scamacca) are less flashy than Sergio Ramos, Messi and co.

Except that at PSG the promises of one day are not the actions of the next day. Already in 2019, the boss of the capital club showed his intention to sound the end of the playground in France Football. “The players are going to have to take responsibility even more than before. It has to be completely different. They will have to do more, work more. They are not here to have fun. And, if they don’t agree, the doors are open. Ciao! I don’t want to act like a star anymore. »