If you’re looking for some help with your daily Wordle game, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s give Monday’s puzzle a boost with a clue for the June 17 puzzle or dive straight into the answer. And even if you don’t need help, we have some general tips to freshen up your Wordle routine.

Today’s Wordle puzzle started off strong, but a few yellow letters caused some reshuffling. Despite the initial panic, ruling out some possibilities along the way helped the answer, “PRIOR,” to reveal itself without too much of a fight.

For today’s puzzle, think of a past event, an incident that occurred before now, or something that must happen before a later event can take place. Remember, there are no repeated letters in today’s solution. Here are three quick tips to improve your Wordle skills:
1. Start with a mix of common vowels and consonants.
2. The answer might contain a repeated letter.
3. Avoid words with letters you’ve already eliminated.

While there’s no time limit, taking a break and coming back to the puzzle later with a fresh perspective can be beneficial. Treat it like a casual crossword in the newspaper.

Wordle, created by software engineer Josh Wardle, was originally a surprise for his word game-loving partner. The game gained popularity within his family and eventually became public. Due to its success, Wordle inspired various spin-offs focusing on different themes like music, math, and geography. The game’s popularity led to its acquisition by the New York Times for a significant sum.

To play Wordle, you’re presented with six rows of five boxes each day. Your goal is to uncover the hidden five-letter word. Start with a strong word like “ALIVE,” ensuring it has a mix of consonants and vowels. Avoid repeating letters to maximize your chances. After each guess, you’ll receive feedback on the correctness of your letters.

Your second guess should complement the first, covering any missed common letters. Use the information from each guess to narrow down your choices. Remember, you have six attempts, and words can repeat. If you need more advice, check out our Wordle tips section.

Looking back at recent Wordle answers can help you eliminate guesses and provide new ideas for starting words. Some recent answers include “GRIND,” “PROUD,” and “VAULT.” Stay engaged with Wordle and keep challenging yourself daily.