Monaco 2 is on the horizon and fans of the original game are in for a treat. Creator Andy Schatz is gearing up to deliver a new and improved heist experience that promises to be more complex and creative than its predecessor. The shift to 3D graphics brings a fresh perspective to the game, allowing for greater character differentiation and a more visually appealing art style inspired by Saul Boss.

In Monaco 2, players will once again team up to pull off daring heists, each character bringing unique abilities to the table. The game challenges players to think strategically, stay out of sight, and work together to achieve their objectives. With a focus on information and gameplay over style, Monaco 2 aims to provide a thrilling and immersive experience for fans of the genre.

During a recent gameplay session, Schatz demonstrated the intricacies of the game, showcasing the importance of teamwork and careful planning. Players will need to study the layout of each heist location, utilize their characters’ abilities effectively, and adapt to changing circumstances on the fly. The game’s dense levels and hidden secrets offer plenty of replay value, encouraging players to master each heist through practice and perseverance.

While Monaco 2’s release date and platform details are still up in the air, the game’s potential as a cooperative crime game is undeniable. With promises of local splitscreen and online co-op modes, players can look forward to an engaging multiplayer experience that goes beyond the typical shooter genre. Schatz’s dedication to delivering a concentrated and deep take on the heist fantasy sets Monaco 2 apart as a highly anticipated sequel that is sure to captivate fans old and new alike.