There are actually, in every Multiplayer game: the Cheater. Through the use of Bots or other Tools, you gain a kind of advantage that makes you basically invincible. A passion for Playing: “Wow, the cheating goes on. No more buck.” This is exactly why the game operator, however, by banning these players, so their Accounts blocked.

Only that is all other than easy. Because Cheaters are identified to a difficult to and some of the Cheater to create a spell for a new Account, you will cheat again. For this reason, the computer takes developer Epic Games game now, even legal means, and has sued, according to “Kotaku” two players.

Fortnite calls for 150,000 US dollars in damages

you should have used in the action game “Fortnite”, a so-called Aimbot, this is a Software which facilitates, among other things, the shoot. To the contrary, according to the Epic against the terms and conditions of use. In addition, the accused as a Moderator or Support staff for a Cheat Provider, be active, have interest to Distribute this Software.

“the benefit of The accused Cheats deliberately to destroy the integrity of Fortnite and to cause Chaos in the game. This makes the other players and the many people who watch streamers, the game is broken”, – stated in the writ. In the case of a conviction threatens the two 150,000 US dollars in damages.

not you with mother

How now came out, is one of the Cheater just 14 years old. What a young person often makes in such an age, if he is in Trouble with the justice threatens? Really, mom tell. And as the got Wind of it, read it in a three-page letter, the “Torrentfreak” has released, its Trouble-free running.

Among other things, she writes that you haven’t given your consent, your mind is allowed to play-year-old son “Fortnite” and the will provided according to the terms and conditions of use. Rather, the company is using your child as a scapegoat. Because, as Epic claims it was not involved in the programming of the Cheat Software. Instead, the game developer should take care of it, against distributors and manufacturers. They also accused the leaders of Epic Games, to have the law, since they had published the name of her son.

On the Letter from the mother, the company has not responded yet. Only the age of the young is a Problem for the suit. Minors may not be sued in the United States. Accordingly, it is according to “Torrentfreak” probably that Epic Games is dropping the suit. However, you could also sue the mother of the teen. But who wants to mess with such a quick-witted woman?