Mode isolation caused a surge in cyber fraud

a New scheme of cyber fraud identified in Runet. According to experts, reproduce lure in unsuspecting users daily about one million rubles. To attract customers to use popular services of announcements.

When the gyms are closed and to keep the form still want, a good option would be to purchase a trainer service free of ads. A surge of interest for online shopping for online fraudsters was an opportunity to develop a new scheme of deception. They post an ad to sell popular goods at best price, and in personal correspondence reported that live, for example, not in Moscow, as indicated in the questionnaire, and 100 kilometers from the city, and offer to send the item cheap shipping — just pay for your purchase. The client receives a link to a website that is very similar to a well-known service., transfers money and the seller disappears.

Head of fraud prevention, Center for applied security systems company “infosistemy Dzhet” Alexey Sizov explains: “the Existing in the sale of apps that allow you to copy the content of the site, plus the ability to run these sites allow attackers to copy anything, and show it to the user. The user is not tell, will not find significant difference, if not a long time to be picked in this. Therefore, such clones are already not per day, but for a few hours.”

It is because of such cases, the free classified ads website blocked the ability for users to share links. “If you and your party see suspiciously cheap goods or account created today, and this scammer tries to take you away to a different messenger, that is, to chat with us on the platform, and some third-party app for texting, it should be wary because you may be a crook,” warns the Director of safety free classified ads website Andrew its residents.

When preparing for this story, and in parabiske refused to transfer money to unverified link, the crooks took the trouble to call.

Reporter: See, that link you sent me. When I try to go to the main page “Avito”, I gives an error. How you can you explain?

Crook: to be honest, I even can not tell, because I am a specialist contact centre, but…

Reporter: Well, as you so in the contact centre work and can’t answer the user’s question? Well, I understand that you are a fraud.

Scam: I told you: you need to contact the technical center.

on the Internet you can find offers for all the lazy cheaters: without having any technical skills, a criminal could just buy links to copies of popular sites. Technical Director Qrator Labs Artem Gavrichenkov warns: “There are telegram-bots, which create such links packs. Because the payment link, as a rule, individual. And as it fell, the barrier of trust, people begin to do things not done before, including transfer money to fraudsters, go by these references. Although now, these days need to be much more careful than usual.”

According to the company’s kiberbezopasnosti “BISON”, now there are about 20 groups of these scams, and just one day they manage to get from gullible users is about 1 million rubles. So before you make a deal, worth several times to check whether you can trust the person on the other end of the Internet wire.