Only in every third municipality in Germany by the end of 2018 has had a report that access to fast Internet.

the Newspapers of The Funke media group reported, citing the Federal Ministry of transport, 37 per cent of the towns and municipalities are supplied with gigabit-capable Internet connections. The Grand coalition has the goal to create by 2025, a comprehensive supply with Gigabit networks.

The Ministry said, according to the report, which requires “a joint effort of the Telecommunications industry, the Federal government, the länder and the municipalities”.

The chief Executive of the German Association of cities and municipalities, Gerd Landsberg, warned in the spark-Newspapers: “the expansion of broadband to continue in the current pace, the area-wide Gigabit-development up to 2025 is in danger.” He added: “We therefore urgently need more pace in the expansion of broadband and constructive cooperation of all stakeholders, if we don’t want to miss the next expansion target.” He pointed to lengthy procedures and a lack of construction capacity as problems.

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