The former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has praised the refugee policy of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in the fight against right-wing populism, but at the same time, a reduction of Migration towards Europe ago…. “I admire the very noble and compassionate approach, especially that leaders like Angela Merkel,” said the former democratic Challenger US President Donald Trump of the British newspaper The Guardian. But Europe had now done his part and had to make it clear, can no longer asylum and help. Because if you will not the migration problem, will it put the community in turmoil.

“I believe that Europe needs to address the important issue of immigration, because that is what ignites the flame,” she said. The Migration have made the voters angry and have led to the choice of Donald Trump. The immigrants had been used as a political tool and as a Symbol of what was going on in the government wrong.

The debate over immigration policy has, according to Clinton in large part to the decision in favour of the Brexit. Exit from the EU, the British referred to them as the greatest act of economic self harm in the modern history.