That was fast: Quite to the day, exactly a year ago, Microsoft introduced the Xbox One, on Monday, the group unveiled the successor console the Xbox One X. you will be just in time for the Christmas business at the 7. November 2017 worldwide on the market, and 499 euros in costs.

With the Xbox One X Microsoft calls Sony once more to a duel, because so far, the Japanese have the numbers in terms of sales still ahead. The new Xbox One X Playstation 4 is technically superior to The graphics chip has a performance of six Teraflops (PS4 Pro: 4,12 Teraflops), the 12 gigabytes of RAM (PS4 Pro: 8 GB) The Xbox One X is a beast a real Console. Microsoft promises for the first time, Games in full 4K resolution in fleets of 60 frames per second. The target group are clearly Hardcore gamers that might also be PC gamers, but rather comfortable in front of a console to sit.

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Assassin’s Creed Origins

Every fall, a new “Assassin’s Creed” – this is the rhythm video game manufacturer Ubisoft was like clockwork. Due to the high number of strokes of the players were over-saturated, but quickly, innovations, you had to search with the magnifying glass. In the past year, then the necessary forced break. “Assassin’s Creed Origins” is thus, in a sense, a new beginning. With role-playing elements and a non-Setting needed in Ancient Egypt, the series should be a new lease of life. To be told the beginnings of the eponymous assassins.

©manufacturer Xbox One X with water cooling

not to be overheated in order for the Xbox One, X, comes a water cooling system to use – that is also a novelty in the console market. In addition, you will play UHD Blu-rays and supports the sound format Dolby Atmos. The Microsoft console is also a full-fledged media player for the living room.

Visually Microsoft’s new console is rather conservative: The most technically impressive interior comes in a completely black box, therefore, the upper part protrudes slightly over the lower. Overall, it is a bit smaller than the Xbox One.

weak games

ranklotzt So much Microsoft technology, the core competence – the Play – make the Redmond company is not a good figure. Although the group showed during the presentation a bunch of Games – including a new “Assassin’s Creed” and BioWare’s “Anthem” -, almost all the appear but also for PC and Playstation 4. That of all the earned tenth infusion of Minecraft felt (now with 4K graphics) big round of applause, says a lot about the games Lineup.

A completely exclusive title with a Wow-factor that will boost the sales figures of the Xbox One X, one searches in vain. Here are Sony with Games such as “Horizon Zero Dawn” and “Uncharted 4” or Nintendo’s “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”, the stronger titles in the offer.

Clearly, racing Fans can look forward to the Start of the “Forza Motorsport 7”. But for the opulent “Sea of Thieves” (exclusive to Xbox) will have to wait for Fans until at least the spring of 2018. After all: All of the previous games, and accessories for the Xbox One, and Xbox One S to run on the next console generation – this is no longer a matter of course.

Xbox One X: High price

many gamers hoped-for turnaround was Microsoft at E3 only partially. The console itself is strong as a bear. What the game manufacturers have to start at the end with the computing power, and whether Microsoft can add up to the market launch in November, with high-profile exclusive titles will show up. The price of 499 Euro is relatively high, the predecessor to the Xbox One S, one gets already for 200 Euro.

It will be exciting to see whether and how Sony will react on Tuesday morning, German time at his press conference on Microsoft’s recent unveiling.