Microsoft will add Windows search as

Microsoft has developed for Windows 10 “smart” search string PowerToys Run. It works in the spirit of Spotlight in macOS, combining the search capabilities of the system and launcher applications.

the default PowerToys Run is activated from any location of the operating system press Alt+spacebar, writes The Verge. Utility can be used to search for any files, documents, and contacts in Windows 10, as well as for quick launch applications and command line (cmd).

in Addition, PowerToys Run can find active system processes and has a built-in calculator. In the future the app can connect third-party plug – ins- for example, to search the Internet or insert snippets (templates, letters and other repetitive pieces of text).

Also PowerToys built utility Keyboard Manager, which allows you to reassign keys. You can change any keyboard shortcuts, including system. Changes will remain in place as long as the Keyboard Manager and PowerToys running in the background.

a New app can be downloaded on GitHub in the form of a. MSI file (PowerToysSetup-0.18.0-x64.msi). After installation, the utility will replace the standard search in Windows 10, called by the key combination Win+R. What is important, the source code PowerToys Run is open, which means that any third party developer be able to modify and enrich with new features.

Text: News.Hi-tech