you are old Acquaintances: The Russian Hacker group APT28, which is also known under the name of “Fancy Bear” or “Strontium”, had to do with the Hack of the US Democrats in front of Donald trump’s choice. The gigantic assault on the German Federal network went on your account. Currently, the group seems to have some of the great companies apart, warns Microsoft. The attack was always on networked office devices.

attack on the printer

In three recent cases, hackers managed to get into company networks by taking more widely used models of networked working-Hardware into the visor. It was a printer, an Internet telephone, and a device to Convert Videos, so Microsoft, in a Blog entry. The attacks could have been avoided: In the case of two of the hacked devices, the default password had not been replaced with any other current Updates are missing.

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Once into the company’s network is invaded, the hackers systematically for other vulnerable devices, worked slowly through the network, always on the search for a computer with far-reaching permissions. What the hackers had before, is not known. According to Microsoft, the multiple locations of the company distributed attacks have been discovered in an early stage and stopped.

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in order for the affected companies fared better than most of the victims of the Elite hackers. APT28 is infamous in the scene. The acronym stands for “Advanced Persistent Threat”, a concept of IT security, the is best with “Advanced and persistent threat” to translate. The Name derives not from security researchers, an official name of the group is known.

but it is quite clear who is behind it. If the evidence is missing, prevails in security circles, the consensus is that APT28 by the Russian intelligence services GRU and FSB, supports a minimum, but probably is controlled. The German security services share this opinion. Here you can learn more.

The hackers are highly active, with Almost 1400 warnings to States has pronounced Microsoft in the last twelve months due to the group. Almost a fifth of the victims were not government targets, such as Think Tanks or political groups. In the other 80 percent of the cases, APT28 organizations in critical areas such as military, government, medical and educational institutions, as well as IT and engineering have selected companies as targets. And it will only be the attacks have been, were also discovered.

the Internet of things as a security problem, Cyber-Criminals Fin7: This hack works like a company and looted billions Of Malte Mansholt

in addition to the ever-increasing risk of cyber wars, the latest warning also highlights another Problem: With the ever-growing proliferation of smart devices, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep networks secure. Because more and more devices – even without the Knowledge of the competent administrators in corporate networks to be linked, it is sometime almost impossible, points of attack in these networks to exclude.

Also in private networks, the increase in the number of Internet-enabled devices to a growing attack surface. Again and again there are reports about hacked devices, such as a botnet, the hackers were able to put together from non-secure security cameras. Private users should buy only devices in which the passwords themselves can change – and then do it.

source: Microsoft

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