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Microsoft shows its Vision of the future and Windows is only a footnote


Microsoft to hear If people think the majority still immediately to Windows. Some may have heard that the group now makes up the largest business in the Cloud business. Now, the group of its developers presented the conference Build its Vision for the near and further future and made it clear: Windows is hardly worth talking about.

Windows 10 is still quite successful. Over 800 million of the operating system is installed, said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, as he mentioned quite late during the opening presentation but the once most important product. And the topic moved to report to that Office is used on over a billion devices. The priorities are clearly set.

share high after the quarter, Microsoft numbers crack the trillion mark as the Comeback of the Windows managed group Of Malte Mansholt Cloud over all,

in fact, Windows has already lost its important role for the group. Since Nadella took over the leadership, he very quickly, no more Windows but the service and the associated Cloud business the main pillar of Microsoft’s. Instead of the private customers, Nadella introduced the company in the first place. Also at the presentation was almost exclusively about what new gizmos the intelligent Cloud solution Azure, the companies in this world work easier and more efficient.

it is also a change in thinking is to how people use computers. Instead of using a single Windows machine for everything, Private and Business clients on a wide range of devices, from the Smartphone on the speaker spoke up to the game console. Microsoft’s claim: all of these devices will be represented, and to bind the customer to its own services. For Nadella, the sounds, of course, is positive: “We’ll start with the people. Then we pull all of your activities across all programs, Apps and devices into consideration. So we want to change the Computer to use for end-users in the future. It is not about individual devices, but to the Person and all of your devices.“

The Computer disappears

The device should then disappear behind the tasks, so Microsoft’s Vision. They are working on a future in which people carried out with a individual digital assistant interact, the answers depending on your needs, on screens, or by language and acts, Nadella.

New Update of Windows 10 will finally get the Feature we all been waiting for, have painted Mans

brings In a Video Clip to this future will report to the assistant via SMS to remind you of an appointment – on an iPhone. After the message is touched, can reply to the lady in the Clip, then by language, in an almost human-looking Dialog, you agreed with your digital assistant a new appointment. Based on the Alternative proposals from the calendar, which is also fit for the other participants. After a room asked Bay, he is also in the Background and proposes in the same turn, nor two other colleagues to invite. At the end of the Navi information shall be forwarded to the car.

is Not an empty Vision

in fact, Microsoft is already working to make this Vision come true. For one, it relies more and more on services that work regardless of the device. The Browser Edge completely, of course, also for Smartphones, for Linux and MacOS. The own assistant, Cortana shares a case with Amazon’s Alexa, one of the two assistants programmed Skills also work with the other. And also Office is available for all systems.

For another, Microsoft uses its abilities with Artificial intelligence to enable the Computer always in a better position to understand people and normal language. The newly introduced Azure Speech Service allows it to transcribe conversations in a Meeting, live, in Text, in order to integrate external employees in the Chat, as well as hearing-impaired employees in the room. To Azure, using only the microphones of Laptops or Smartphones in the room, and can even detect the speakers, if you is released to be a voice profile. In the Demonstration it worked extremely well, even sentences full of technical vocabulary were always transferred correctly.

Messe “Build” Alexa, Android, and the Cloud: Microsoft makes Windows disappear By Malte Mansholt

The underlying recognition of natural feed is in the future, also in the Office. The from June in a preview of the available Word-Feature “Ideas“ to help in the formulation of texts in a more precise and more comfortable to read, and also equal to the reading time to work it out and a summary created. As well Computer to understand us.

collect data to use in each App

in order for the programs to the appropriate data, provides Microsoft with a “Graph“ is a data set that the user to use different programs and, if necessary, Share it with others. In addition to preferences, personal details and contact information, the calendar, and the like are in a single database collected. Soon every App and program is to access data, this Graph – if the developer installs the and the users want it. This should not be a matter of course. Also, the natural identifier for each App language.

Windows will find in this world is hardly a place. The former operating system giant is Microsoft’s only one possibility of many, on the more important Office and Cloud services. Seen in retrospect, the evidence was there earlier: Windows 10 was presented as the last Windows that will be improved in the future through individual Updates. The idea is to be able to Windows only once to sell, was enormously atypical for Microsoft. Today, she is only acting consistently.