The business in Microsoft’s fine – that is, the current quarter figures show. Briefly, the group even made it into the exclusive Club of the 1-Billion-Dollar Companys. A few years ago this would have been unthinkable. But CEO Satya Nadella not only turned the company’s culture completely, but broke away from the former gold-ass Windows, and ended Microsoft’s monopoly Thinking.

The effect is clearly visible: up to $ 30 billion of revenue was able to reach Microsoft in the last quarter, 14 percent more than in the previous year. The profit after tax was $ 8.8 billion, even 19 percent. The stock market thanked it: Microsoft’s share price went up shortly after the announcement last night, straight up, for a few hours, Microsoft was, for the first time in the history over the magic mark of one trillion dollars in market value. In the meantime, he has settled at 960 billion dollars, nearly 20 billion under the first-placed Apple.

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piracy or not? A man selling Software, which gives Microsoft. Now he has to owe for it in the jail painted Mans Nadella brings crack the rudder around

The huge success of Satya Nadella and his radical rethinking. When he took over in 2014 as only the third the Post of CEO of Microsoft, was the group in the Chaos. Predecessor Steve Ballmer had proved human as a business is not a good hand. But Nadella had a Vision, and crack the rudder with a radical rethink.

probably The most important decision: Nadella broke up Microsoft’s old recipe for success. For decades, the group had used its market power, Windows as a monopoly System to push through, and then the competitors, some son of a bitch. Under Ballmer that was started more and more to the rear. Neither the XBox nor in the increasingly important Smartphone market, the group was able to dominate the market, Windows on the PC, lost more and more relevance.

Windows 10 And all of a sudden, the Windows license is gone: Microsoft’s crude Update-breakdown By Malte Mansholt, The Cloud as a Savior

Nadella continued, however, quickly to the idea of the group to a services company to rebuild, bet on Cloud services. The success proves him right: 9.6 billion dollars of the current revenues come from the Cloud business, an increase of gigantic 41 percent. Thanks to the especially Microsoft’s Azure platform and the use of artificial intelligence, the countless company offers completely new opportunities of digitization.

at All the focus on the company is one of the most important decisions nadella’s. Ballmer had been recognized much too late that the customer had a Windows PC in favor of Smartphones gathering dust, paving the way for the rise of the competitors Apple and Google. Nadella focused on the business again very aware of corporate customers, an area the two competitors neglected a long time, but still a lot of money. The Windows and Office licenses the private user for Microsoft has long been a nice side business.

High revenues, Microsoft’s future is not Windows By Christoph Fröhlich Microsoft open

will went hand in hand with another change in thinking: While Ballmer wanted to force all customers to Microsoft, opened Nadella, the products of the group a lot more for the cooperation with other systems, continued to cross-subscriptions instead of individual license purchases. The rationale behind this is that If the Office and the Cloud services work the same on all devices, you will be booked even more customers. The concept seems to work great. Even the once-encapsulated game console, Xbox is now virtually become a platform for many Windows games.

The change was also possible because Nadella revolutionized the culture of the company. In his book, “Hit Refresh” (reload) declared by the CEO in 2017, as Ballmer had bred a corporate culture of fear, hierarchies, and Thought. “Everyone had to prove to anyone that he was the Smartest in the room,” said Nadella. Under his leadership, the situation changed slowly. The Indian-born CEO continued on empathy and trust instead of constant competition, every year you look for in a Hackathon to new ideas. The fruits of the efforts can reap of the group now.