Microsoft invited everyone to the game, released 30 years ago

the Famous solitaire (Microsoft Solitaire), the electronic version of the popular solitaire game was first released 30 years ago. This date game developer, Microsoft, has decided to celebrate, setting a record for the number of completed games day, and invites everyone to play today. And you can use any platform the game is available not only in Windows 10, but on iOS, Android and online version.

As reported in the company lack of interest in the “Scarf” there is now. The game, which debuted in the operating systems of Windows 3.0 in 1990-m to year, play monthly 35 million people and the number of daily they decompose solitaire-more than 100 million a day.

the Original built-in Windows solitaire game, not only helped to combat office boredom, but also performed the function of trainer. Solitaire unobtrusive taught PC users with the IBM PC architecture, accustomed to the command line, drag and drop interface elements with your mouse.

solitaire, supplied with Windows for twenty-two years. As a result, the game had probably the largest number of installations in history, more than a billion. Solitaire has ceased to be an integral part of the OS in Windows 8, released in 2012, when the application is first significantly updated, adding five new modes, daily quests, an online competition via Xbox Live and even the ability to choose the level of difficulty, writes The Verge.

Written code the most popular computer solitaire Intern named Wes cherry, and drew a card designer Susan CT. The original cherry added to the game in “boss mode” is replaced by pressing the cards on the screen with a fake spreadsheet. But the leadership made this opportunity to clean up.

Text: News.Hi-tech