Who speaks his language speaker knows that the data land in the case of a company. Nevertheless, the excitement was big, as in the last few months came out that Apple, Google and co. analysed the records for quality assurance. Classic Call, the participants may feel but yourself. Now came out: who’s on the phone via Skype, you have to expect Eavesdroppers.

recordings of Calls with the Microsoft service, where the automatic translation function were used, can be listened to, according to a media report, later also of employees. It can also go to very private issues, such as the Website “Motherboard” reported on Wednesday. By a service provider given recordings of people speaking, for example, about relationship problems or weight loss, wrote “Motherboard”.

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In the Skype terms of use has not been expressly pointed out, that people could get shots from the translation function to listen – even if some of the wording was suggested by this. It is said that “rates and automatic transcripts to be analyzed” and any corrections to the System would be registered.

Skype also stressed that the identity of the call will be omitted participants. Only talks with the translation function would be recorded. The Microsoft hearing offers Internet telephony service to automatic Translation of conversations almost in real time since 2015. Meanwhile, she is Calling for eight languages available. “Skype Translator is based on a machine learning process,” reads a web page on the topic. A Link to “your privacy when you use Skype Translator” on Wednesday to an area that is only for Microsoft employees and partners.

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The informant of the “Motherboard” according to the service provider to listen to recordings of voice commands, to Microsoft’s assistance software Cortana. In the past few months, Microsoft competitor Amazon, Apple and Google have come under massive criticism because you pointed users to this practice. Meanwhile, Google and Apple exposed the analysis of records to improve their language assistant. Amazon offers users the possibility of such use of the recordings to contradict. Apple announced that it plans to ask users in the future, expressly to consent to it.

Microsoft said in a statement to “Motherboard”, you get a permission from the user prior to the collection and use of your data. Before the information goes to service provider, you would be anonymised, and the partners were bound by strict confidentiality requirements.

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