This is the kind of news that overshadows Western manufacturers. Although many are working hard to develop new generation batteries, which are more compact and lightweight for the same capacity, the fact that a Chinese announces the imminent marketing of this next generation battery indicates at least a boost. ‘advance.

And it is strategic because, measuring only 11 cm in height, it can integrate a very varied range of vehicles. It’s so true that MG has designed a unique modular platform for this battery which, technically, can satisfy everything from a small car to a large roadster. Wheelbases designed to serve different body styles will range from 2650mm to 3100mm!

Called “ONE PACK”, this battery layers its elements to reach the record measurement of 110 mm. No need with it to disguise itself as an SUV to hide the importance of a conventional battery in the floor. The way each cell is looped ensures, according to its designers, “zero thermal runaway” safety and a much longer lifespan. It’s so true that MG has chosen a compact car to launch this new technology, the MG4 which is comparable to a Renault e-Megane Electric or a Volkswagen ID3, two models which also bet on miniaturization and the modular platform.

“In the “ONE PACK” battery system developed by SAIC Motor, assures Mr. Zhu Jun, Deputy Chief Engineer, the projection surface of all the batteries on the platform is the same, and the connectors related to other components are also the same. same. Thanks to this design, it is theoretically possible to easily use batteries ranging from 40 kWh to 150 kWh. They can meet the energy needs of segments ranging from A0 to D-segment, thus offering users a flexible and diversified choice. Users can buy a small battery first, then replace and upgrade it when longer battery life is needed. »

This exchange of batteries, often promised, has never been implemented by a manufacturer. We will see with SAIC what it will be in reality. This could be the case of the MG4, whose announced dimensions are 4287 mm in length, a width of 1836 mm and a height of 1504 mm.

The MG4 should be offered at a price much lower than 30,000 euros excluding bonuses in the fourth quarter in a first version of 170 hp with a 350 km range with a 51 kWh battery. The higher version will be able to reach 450 km in the WLTP cycle with a 64 kWh battery and 204 hp at the rear wheels. And it could go even further with the subsequent commercialization of the 4WD.