“No reception”: This message was to phone times a horror, in the Era of the smartphone it has still gained much of its horror to it. With a just solution presented manufacturer Oppo wants to allow it, even in areas without mobile network on the phone and to be able to chat. However, the clever technique has its pitfalls.

network expansion failed Germany burst Digital dream By Malte Mansholt direct connection instead of the cellular network

First of all, it sounds very promising: Lose in the future Oppos Smartphones, the mobile radio reception, connect simply with other devices of the manufacturer – and use their connection. So a network of Smartphones should be called – how in modern wireless systems, Mesh – also in remote areas with a mobile power supply.

The mesh connection is created by a separate Chip, so Oppo. Although you should be able to connect up to three kilometres of remote devices, the power consumption according to the manufacturer hardly higher. Nevertheless, the connection should be strong enough to allow data connections, and even phone calls.

mobile, Telekom, Vodafone and co.: the Provider justify the wrong LTE usury Of painted Mans Apple brings uses technology in a way

The direct connection is reminiscent of the so-called “multi-peer Connectivity framework”. The Apple technology allows, for example, data quickly between iPhones, iPads or Mac computers to share, and these are connected to each other via a network. The transfer speeds are impressively high. Since 2014, the App “firechat uses” the technology, but also to Chat without a cellular connection.

Still, there are Oppos approach, each lot of open questions. On the technical implementation, it reveals hitherto little, even Oppo presented so far, no devices with the Feature. Since it is based on a proprietary Chip, you can probably only Oppo Smartphones to connect with each other. The manufacturer is in the home China is already very successful in the West, he is rather unknown. to get

the radio hole is a problem in the handle, would have to be the solution, but also compatible with other manufacturers. A common Standard or an implementation in the widely-used Chips like those from Qualcomm would be required. So far, there are no such efforts, but still.

more Expensive, but not faster, The LTE-a lie: How the Provider will screw us-Tempo at a charge get sell Of painted Mans Open-ended questions

security issues are Added. Since the connection can also be done over several kilometers would have to be encrypted. How well this connection is secured, it is currently not known. A gap in a so-far-reaching wireless connection would be a disaster. Also if the users ‘ privacy is protected, is a proprietary solution by a Chinese company at least questionable.

Nevertheless, the technique has great potential. The safety and privacy should be resolved in a common Standard, could you pry out with Mesh-networks, Smartphones may be the biggest weakness in current wireless networks: in Spite of new technologies and continuous network expansion in many parts of Germany, as before, from the modern radio network cut. Because of the small number of customers, the Expansion of the networks, it is worth complaining to the Provider. Through direct connections, these holes could shrink significantly.

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By Malte Mansholt