“Matignon is not moving away but getting closer,” assured Jean-Luc Mélenchon on Monday, “quite confident” the day after a first round of legislative elections having placed the left-wing coalition and the presidential camp neck and neck.

Asked about the continuation or not of his campaign axis “Mélenchon Prime Minister”, the one who had come third in the presidential election said in front of LFI HQ in Paris: “Matignon is not moving away, Matignon is getting closer”.

He reiterated his request to the young people, who abstained a lot: “Surge, this is the moment when you have the full powers to change everything”.

“I am already proud that we are the first in the precarious categories, the poor towns”, satisfied the tribune, urging his troops to show “tenacity and constancy”. “I’m quite confident,” he commented soberly.

The Macronists’ attacks on the dangerousness of his program? “There was a very good mobilization on our side so it is normal that those who did not expect this experience it badly and say anything”, tackled Jean-Luc Mélenchon, speaking “of panic” .

“The level of aggressiveness, verbal abuse, manipulation serves us. The French don’t like that,” he said.

Nudes and Together! are neck and neck on the nationwide vote total. According to the official results, the Macronist coalition Together! Sunday was ahead of the United Left by just over 21,000 votes, out of 23.3 million voters, with 25.75% of the vote against 25.66% for Nupes.

But in a nocturnal tweet, Manuel Bompard argued that “the Nupes achieves 6,101,968 votes (or 26.8%)”, accusing the Ministry of the Interior of giving it less “to artificially make Macron’s party appear on your mind”.

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