Jean-Luc Mélenchon considered Sunday that Elisabeth Borne was “liberal to the end of her nails”, ironically on the comments aimed at portraying the new Prime Minister as a woman on the left.

“Ms. Borne has an extremely heavy record of social abuse. I do not impugn her intentions. I think she is a coherent woman. I respect her. She is liberal to the core and she goes to the end of its logic”, declared the leader LFI to the Grand Jury RTL-LCI-Le Figaro.

As such, the rebellious leader notably recalled that the new head of government had, in her previous ministerial portfolios, “abolished the status of railway workers” or even “changed the unemployment benefit system”.

As the executive prepares to unveil new anti-inflation measures, Mr. Mélenchon, who wants the next legislative elections to allow him access to Matignon, has brushed aside the proposals of the current majority to try to curb rising prices.

In reference to the food check announced by the executive, Mr. Mélenchon considered that it was “not the answer” without refusing it altogether.

“There are times when it is good that there are checks (…) but this is not the answer”, declared Mr. Mélenchon because it is “the public treasury which feeds the treasury private”.

“I am for price freezes”, he recalled, insisting on finding the solution which will make it possible to stop “the inflationary spiral” in particular on fuels and energy prices.

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