Crispy Bacon makes a normal Burger into a culinary Highlight. This is the opinion of many people and, of course, McDonald’s customers. Therefore the joy was great, as McDonald’s announced the introduction of a double-Cheeseburger with Bacon. Unfortunately, only in the UK, but that’s not the only fly in the ointment.

McDonald’s Double-Cheeseburger with Bacon: self-help-needed

self-service kiosks have now been given a lot of McDonald’s customers to satisfy the desire for a Double Cheeseburger with Bacon. In the context of the “Secret Menu”Trick, you added just the double Cheeseburger with a slice of Bacon as an Extra. Apparently McDonald’s on this widely used approach and has taken the special Burger in the UK now regularly into the program.

McDonald’s Double-Cheeseburger with Bacon will be more expensive to accept

All the Fans that were happy about this news, but a little damper. While the Trick with the Extra Bacon, a total of 1,49 British pound, so the equivalent of 2.10 euros, were due and payable, will McDonald £ ‘s for the new Burger 1,99, i.e. € 2.21. 11 cents more to ensure that savings are made at the self-service Desk? That is steep, this will not bother most Fans, but sure…

Whether the new Burger will also be introduced in Germany, unfortunately, is not yet known. But the positive news from the UK makes at least hope.

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