A lot of Elden Ring players have been struggling with the game’s recently released Shadow of the Erdtree expansion. The DLC introduces a tough boss gauntlet and a new leveling system that has raised the difficulty level for many players. However, as players begin to complete the expansion and return to the base game, many are taking the opportunity to show off by defeating a particular boss.

As players near the end of Elden Ring’s base game, they face a mandatory fight against Sir Gideon Ofnir The All-Knowing, an NPC who has been an ally throughout most of the game. Despite his betrayal, Gideon doesn’t put up much of a fight, especially compared to the subsequent challenging boss battles. Players have been enjoying showcasing their new abilities and weapons by easily defeating Gideon after mastering the tougher content in the expansion.

Videos of players effortlessly defeating Gideon have been circulating online, showcasing different weapons and skills being used to take him down. Some players have used powerful weapons to defeat him in a single hit, while others have utilized hand-to-hand combat to defeat him. One particularly amusing clip shows a player using a large hammer to obliterate Gideon.

After weeks of struggling with the challenging DLC content, players are finding satisfaction in defeating Gideon with their newfound skills and weapons. The trend of humiliating Gideon has been ongoing, with players eagerly awaiting the opportunity to take him down in creative ways since the DLC was first announced. From overpowered builds to modded weapons, players have been finding ways to defeat Gideon in the most entertaining ways possible.

In conclusion, players are relishing the opportunity to show off their skills by defeating Gideon in humorous and creative ways. After facing the tough challenges of the DLC, it’s satisfying for players to return to the base game and easily overcome a boss who once seemed formidable. Gideon may not be the toughest opponent, but he has become a symbol of victory for players who have mastered the game’s content.