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It captures so well: The links to the present are truly intelligent, and fun-Packed. In a kind of prologue of the recently released video game Marvel’s Spider-Man, the Gamer has to defeat the super criminal Kingpin Fisk. To do this, the player Spider controls-One for the skyscraper of the Gangster-businessman in Midtown Manhattan. The police is already there, but is overwhelmed alone with the thugs in the Gangster-entrepreneur. Fisk’s four letters in bold emblazoned in Golden capitals over the entrance. So, the center of the crime looks exactly like Donald trump’s Tower on the real Fifth Avenue, to the Font of the letters. “I think here, but the scum under control,” says Fisk later.

In these early days, the most important Game this late in the summer as a comment on the Zeitgeist, a piece critical of pop culture, for all to understand: Every Person who deals a bit with politics, who is here meant, what is meant, why. Also other games have positioned themselves last time so clearly in the Mainstream, and true-to-life scenarios shown. God of war recently told a father-and-son story in which the child helps the single parent dad; Horizon Zero Dawn has a vulnerable warrior as the main character, the crying time; Detroit: Become Human forces the players to control robots with emotions, and is a clever contribution to the debate about artificial intelligence.

With Spider-Man, almost the most important super heroes of our time, chosen by the creators of the latest video game, a main character, which is loved by all. While Superman looks dusty, Iron Man or Deadpool to technoid, Batman embodies a brutal and hard, Spider-Man of us in some way a little bit, the struggle of growing up, against the alone. This is True, Human in addition to all of the Heldentun is also likely to be a reason why the six major Hollywood movies since 2002, including three of the Sam Raimi – all Blockbuster and 4.5 billion dollars grossed, every single one of more than 700 million. Much better conditions for a successful video game, it is almost, especially since it also looks fantastic. Unfortunately, the new Spider-Man quickly tedious, the story is too complex and lengthy to play the game hard. Instead of the super hero it is for the Gamers and gamers of hard work.

More Millennial, less “Mad Men”

Where have the creators moved the Setting even in today’s time. Was invented the spider? 66 years ago by Stan Lee, the Godfather of modern Comics. The first book told the life story of the superhero: Peter Parker is an orphan and grows up with his aunt May and uncle Ben. A radioactive spider bites him, he gets super powers, can walls go up and receives heightened senses. At night, he defeated thanks to these abilities as Spider-Man criminals. During the day he works as a photographer for the newspaper the Daily Bugle, whose publisher Jameson is fond of yelling, screaming, and Spider-Man hates. And then there’s Mary Jane, the obligatory love interest. A wonderful collection of USA from the Mad-Men-time.

The new video game tells the story differently now, more on the trump cal Era of uncertainty. Peter Parker is a scientist and works jointly with Otto Octavius in the original comics actually an enemy to, artificial arms, Doctor Octopus is the first villain Mentor instead of super. His girlfriend, Mary-Jane broke up with Parker, but both pulls it again and again to each other. In principle, the super hero is a young adult who does not know exactly where. More Millennial, less Mad Men. A comprehensible narrative from everyday life, even for Non-gamers.

And super heroes are actually also the perfect theme for video games – because who would not want to have supernatural powers and a skin-tight suit to wear (can)? Where it is necessary to mention that super hero games other than the film counterparts never really worked well, they were almost always pathetic. It all started with Superman for the console Atari 2600, which was already, in 1978, monotonous flying in front of a pointless acting gray Skyline. Superman 64 of 1999 for the Nintendo 64 System made everything even worse: The Hero with the Cape free forever fun flying through rings, the graph was rectangular and flat, the game. Catwoman (2004) began with the Tradition, that super need to beat the heroes (and was otherwise barely bearable). Actually, only the Batman-Arkham-are-games – good stealthy games, exactly into the center of what makes Batman: Actually, he has no real super powers.

After all, the optics are very excited by the new Spider-Man: The game looks excellent, the cinematics are downright cinematic. Spider-Man swings through the canyons by the road, full of flips, crouches on a roof edge, this movement works for the first Time in a game. The sun radiates light through the city, then it gets dark, the lights of Times Square. The super hero flies up above the roofs, just above the roads, the taxes you like. Even a super hero! In these moments, at least it feels after that.