woke up As Ben Hsu from Taiwan, and he sought in vain his second headphones. He had fallen asleep with the wireless Airpods. At least You remember the boy. But where is the lost Airpod could be? Hsu went digital on the search and used an App to get the headphones by Tracking on the track. This responded immediately and beeped, so he had to be in the room, concluded Hsu. He followed the sound until he found something quite Unusual.

After he has been looking everywhere for the beeping headphones, he realized that the sound came from his stomach. “I looked under my blanket and looked around, but could not find him – then I realized that the noise came from my stomach,” said the Taiwanese of the “Daily Mail”. He did not feel unwell, but is still a hospital. The Doctors confirmed that He had actually swallowed a Airpod, on the x-ray images, you will see this clearly. The doctors gave him a laxative, with the note: If the headphones would not appear in a natural way, would have to be removed surgically.

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Fortunately, the Airpod showed up the next day in a natural way. After Hsu had washed it and dried it, he found amazed that the headphones still functioned. “The battery still showed 41 percent. It was unbelievable,” said the Taiwanese.

In the emergency Department was explained to him that he was lucky. The risk that a swallowed Airpod is harmful to health, is much lower than normal Lithium-ion batteries. This is due to the plastic cover, like him, a doctor said. A direct contact with a battery would have a devastating impact, and to the rupture in his bowel.

source: Daily Mail

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The AirPods were mocked at the beginning. But in the meantime wireless headphones in the world, you are one of the most popular cable. As the group within a few years managed to make the piece look old.

By Christoph Fröhlich