Group introduced a unified account for

holding Group announced the launch of universal account VK Connect for owned services. One account, created on the basis of technology “Vkontakte”, now you can use to login to Delivery Club the app and the voice assistant “Marusya”.

In the future, VK Connect will connect other services Group, including the “Mail”, “Citymobil” and “whirligig”. It is also planned connection of external partner services. Thus, to authenticate using the shared account to have a profile in “Vkontakte” is optional.

“Thanks to VK Connect will not have to remember dozens of passwords, will become easier to manage data across applications and websites, and advanced security settings increase the level of information protection”, – explained in the company.

All settings VK Connect assembled in a single personal account. In this users once to fill in information about yourself – name, city, address, etc., – and bind the Bank card, and then use these data in all services, e.g. to order food or call a taxi. In addition, from a personal account to track payments and manage paid subscriptions “Music Vkontakte”, Combo and BOOM.

For enhanced protection of the account users can configure two-factor authentication. You can also view which services have access to VK Connect. For example, if the iOS app “Vkontakte” is no longer used, it can be disabled.

meanwhile, the personal account is available only in “Vkontakte”. He later appears in other services that support authorization through VK Connect.

Text: To.Hi-tech