The summer is almost here, and that means Madden season is approaching once again. Madden NFL 25 features Niners halfback Christian McCaffrey on the cover and improved rushing mechanics suitable for the superstar in the game itself. But this year’s game offers more than that. We recently had the opportunity to spend a day at EA Orlando (formerly Tiburon) to preview Madden 25 before its launch this August and came back with 25 things the Madden community should know before diving into the game.

In the third year of EA’s “Fieldsense” experiment, Boom Tech takes the spotlight. Boom Tech is Madden 25’s revamped physics and collision system, aiming to create more realistic, varied, and unpredictable tackle animations. This system breaks tackles into split-second animations that can be chained in different ways, adding visual variety and emphasizing player size and skills.

Along with enhanced tackling mechanics, Madden 25 focuses more on the running game. Running backs will show more situational awareness, utilizing moves like getting skinny in the trenches and executing skill-based juke moves. Ball carriers will also protect the ball better, leading to a more authentic experience in the game’s mechanics.

The new Hit Stick update in Madden 25 is more skill-based, rewarding defenders and ball carriers for properly lining up or evading the hit stick. Additionally, signature player locomotion adds authenticity to player movements, mimicking real-life counterparts.

Deeper pass protection adjustments, branching catches, and new pass-catching enhancements enhance the passing game in Madden 25. The game introduces new NFL kickoff rules, multiple commentary teams, and a better draft presentation for Franchise players.

Improved player progression, a six-on-six MUT mode, and more Superstar appearance customization options are some of the changes coming to Madden Ultimate Team mode. Superstar mode features a renewed NFL Combine experience, better player grading, more storylines, and team interactions.

Lastly, classic Madden songs are returning as stadium tracks, along with new main theme music and a wider spectrum of genres in the game. Madden NFL 25 launches on August 16 for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, with early access available for EA Play subscribers or those purchasing specific editions.

With these exciting updates and features, Madden NFL 25 promises to deliver an immersive and dynamic gameplay experience for fans of the series. Get ready to hit the field and experience the thrill of Madden season like never before!