The boss of the Republicans Christian Jacob assured Tuesday that his party would “create a surprise” in the legislative elections of June 12 and 19 and “be a decisive player” to weigh in the next five-year term.

“In 15 days we will create the surprise,” said Mr. Jacob, even if he refused, during a press conference, to any forecast on the number of winnable seats (LR holds a hundred today today, making it the main opposition group).

“Those who say the poor, they will disappear will be at their expense”, for his part assured the president of Hauts-de-France Xavier Bertrand, while LR recorded a historic setback in the presidential election with 4.8% of the votes. voice. Even if “we are not going to overturn everything and have a majority”, LR “has a card to play on the value of authority, the value of work”, he added.

Both spoke after a strategic council which brought together the majority of the leaders, with a few absentees – neither Laurent Wauquiez, nor Eric Ciotti, nor Valérie Pécresse were there.

In the Assembly, “LR deputies are in a position to change things”, added Mr. Jacob, praising “local roots” and LR’s ability to be “force of proposal”.

Thus “the texts that go in the right direction, we know how to vote them, the others we know how to oppose firmly” and “we will continue in this spirit”, he added. But LR will “certainly not” be a “stepping stone” for the future majority, he warned.

Asked about the “useful vote” which LR paid for in the presidential election, he felt that “we are the useful vote, we will be useful to France”.

Mr. Jacob also tackled “a totally absent government” and its “inability to bring about any reform”, and warned against the risk of “a five-year term for nothing”.

As for Nupes, the left-wing alliance for the legislative elections, he vilified “people who block everything” and “a scam by Mr. Mélenchon”.

For LR, the question of the future arises implicitly, after the debacle of the presidential election: “The more of us there are in the Assembly, the more strength we will have to bounce back”, said Mr. Bertrand.

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