Actor Dominic Monaghan, known for his roles in Lost and Lord of the Rings, recently shared his gaming journey in a new interview. Growing up, Monaghan wasn’t much of a gamer and preferred outdoor activities or acting on stage. However, everything changed in 2002 when he moved to Los Angeles and had a conversation with his friend and fellow actor Elijah Wood.

During their chat, Wood suggested that Monaghan should buy a PlayStation 2 instead of a DVD player. Initially, Monaghan agreed with the condition that he would only watch certain TV shows on it. But then, a friend introduced him to Grand Theft Auto III, a groundbreaking open-world game by Rockstar set in Liberty City. Monaghan was amazed by the game’s advanced features, such as the ability to steal any car and the fast-paced gameplay.

According to Monaghan, playing GTA III was a turning point for him as it made him realize how far video games had come in terms of technology and storytelling. He was impressed by the game’s soundtrack and overall experience, leading him to include gaming as part of his entertainment options alongside movies and TV shows.

Although he enjoyed playing GTA V, Monaghan found the character of Michael a bit “obnoxious” and sometimes felt “dirty” after embodying Trevor’s chaotic persona. Despite this, he still appreciated the game for its gameplay and immersive world.

When asked about his favorite gaming experience, Monaghan revealed that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim holds a special place in his heart. He spent around 350 hours playing the massive open-world RPG on his PS3, to the point where his console overheated and “exploded” due to extended gameplay sessions.

Overall, Dominic Monaghan’s journey into the world of gaming showcases how a single game like GTA III can have a profound impact on someone’s perspective and appreciation for the medium. His story serves as a reminder of the power of video games to captivate and inspire players from all walks of life.