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Lonely in Japan? Since I rent me a Boyfriend!


This week, I fulfilled a childhood dream and I am finally on a plane to Japan. And I have to say – it is even crazier than I had imagined!

‘s going on with my property. I sleep in a capsule hotel. For a mere 60 euros you get a small cozy honeycomb assigned to it. In it only a bed, a mirror, and there are USB ports. Body care held the collective in the so-called “Onsen”, an indoor heated pool. In the morning, all the Girls sit in a row in front of a small dressing-tables and whip out your Mascara. In the stylish lounge room (incl. Coworking Space) to chill Globetrotters from all over the world in front of their Laptops, sipping Free coffee.

Henriette Bright: Love from Hell Eiko Weishaupt

Henrietta Bright was born in 1985 and works as a journalist/writer based in Hamburg and on-the-go on your travels around the globe. Her book “here I come! In 80 orgasms around the world” in 2015, appeared and was promptly a best-seller. In 2017, followed by “come First, then The Sexbibel for 21. Century”. Henriette likes to write, be honest and casual about Sex, because you will find that a lot of people do.

in the Evening, I dare me, out in Osaka’s nightlife district “Dotonburi”. Completely forgot that today is Halloween! The entire city is dressed up and celebrating on the streets. As it is still so beautiful? Halloween is the only day in the year, where women with impunity like Sluts can attract. Here is really this: most young ladies wear little more than underwear. Suspenders and Bunny ears are mandatory. Any cheap supermarket has sexy Costume in the assortment! I have virtually no Chance; before I know it me, I dressed up as “Super Mario” in a karaoke bar and gröle “I‘ll never gonna dance again” in micro, in a duet with Sailor Moon. And the night is still young …

A special highlight is the toilets. Keyword: heated toilet seat. When you come in, the lid lifts up automatically. On the wall, the “Motherboard”, from which you can select, in what way is flushed, whether the “laminating” is intended to be sound of music or disinfected. It takes about a week to get it, how the stupid thing works.

Heated toilet seat and a Boy to Rent for a Simulated girlfriend Japan is the loneliest country in the world – makes this sexy Alexa clone things worse? Gernot Kramper

Who heated toilet seat to little, can rent on lonely evenings, a “Boyfriend”. In certain Bars can choose, in addition to Cocktails, a nice man on the menu. The in Japan is completely normal and not a bit embarrassed. A Bar in Osaka, advertises with the slogan: “We want to satisfy your heart and soul”. The Whole is, in fact, zero sexually. Instead, the woman is ensnared just a little bit, get Drinks, gives and to hear plenty of compliments. Ideal for after a hard day’s work you don’t (more) for real Dates. Any physical approach, however, is forbidden, and for his number you are not allowed to ask his “Boyfriend”.

For Boyfriends can be rented also for a whole day. The offer is primarily aimed at successful career women have no time for a relationship, but still from time to time, the need for emotional and physical proximity. Then you can order a “Boyfriend” home, cook with them, sees a movie or just asks how your day was. Hand-holding is included in the price, smooch taboo. Some women give their “Boyfriends” even cash, so that you can do so, as they would pay for everything.

Singles only at the Bar

Many have a Problem with that have to go in the evening alone in a Restaurant. You don’t know what to do with herself, and staring the whole time unsettled to your phone. In Japan, this Problem is unnecessary: Singles will be placed on the counter. Better than the cinema! Directly in front of your nose, the chef flamed the Kyoto Style Beefsteak, makes Small Talk, and you’re informal with seat neighbors to talk to.

Speaking of Singles! Real relationships seem to be in Japan, actually on the descending Branch. Otherwise, the people would begin to marry themselves. The women who have no buck on a husband, but not in a glamorous Bridal shoot want to do. Special wedding plan is to organize the inside of the dress, the hairdresser, the wedding Ceremony and the photographer. What comes at the end, is not so stupid: a “Yes” to yourself.

Better with a mythical creature flirt

the fact is that Every second Japanese Single, each second Single wants no relationship at all. To be exhausting! Instead, Dating simulations where you have to build a love relationship with a Manga character, or even mythical creatures are booming. Many Japanese are now so in love with their digital partners, that there is to buy the most popular characters now in the fan shop, as a (sexy) dolls. Some players have their Manga-Girlfriends even officially married – with Virtual Reality glasses and kiss into the Void in front of the altar.

anyone Who finds all this Crying, is a good step further than many Japanese, because (negative) emotions are suppressed in everyday life mostly. There’s a lot of jams with the time, of course. Who wants to be howl so beautiful and comforted, you can book a “Weeping Boy”. Bring your customers in a relaxed atmosphere, first with sad Videos to cry and as soon as the first tear to flow, whip out the professional Comforter their handkerchiefs and sob customers in the Arm. By the provoked sadness 1A Stress is reduced.

Well, it is obvious that The Japanese are in General open for new business and relationship models. Amusing that is all. For a Virtual-Reality-wedding with a mythical creature, I feel personally to me, but still, uh, young.

H. Bright: What I learned about Sex have Freshly fallen in love – that’s why all the Ex want a Lover right now in your bed.

as soon As you mention that you are freshly in love and again are, by turns, the men of the world completely and suddenly fighting like mad to get a Date with you. What the hell!?