The former candidate of the PS in the presidential present with its movement Generation.s a list in the european elections. This new left list is composed of part of the movement and of civilian.

No alliance either with the SP or with EELV, even less with France Insubordinate : Benoit Hamon presents its own list in the european elections of 2019. “Long live Europe free” is a project carried out by Generation.s, the movement of the former presidential candidate, but also by “European Spring” (european Spring), the first transnational party of the european, and the movement Diem25 launched in 2016 by the former Greek minister Yanis Varoufakis. From the foundation of Generations in November 2017, Benoit Hamon had made know his intention to stand for the european. Benoit Hamon confirmed on 6 December 2018 in its bid, and has unveiled the first 30 names to his list on February 26, 2019. Among the personalities on the list, some come from a call for candidatures in October 2018, to build a “citizens ‘ list”.

The Generation program.s looks similar to the one established by Benoit Hamon during his campaign in 2017. We find in the proposals of many of the ideas of the former candidate, transposed at the european level : tax robot and universal income, for example, are in the program. But the list also has in its 21 commitments of the proposals for a european Union “social”, “ecological” and “progressive”. We can note the fact of inclusion of the recognition of the right to abortion as a condition of membership of the EU, the creation of a european Court of the environment or the “fight against the lobbies”. The list request, as well as many other programs of the left, a reform of the european institutions, who would move here for a new “european Constituent Assembly”.

The candidate Generation.s in the european elections 2019

Here is the complete list of 79 names of the list Generation.s in the european elections : Benoit Hamon, Sarah Soilihi, Guillaume Balas, Isabelle Thomas, Salah Amokrane, Françoise Sivignon, Eric Bend, Emmanuelle Justum Foundethakis, Pierre Serne, Sabrina Benmokhtar, Sebastien Peytavie, Zerrin Bataray, Jérôme Verite, Corrine Achériaux, Stéphane Saubusse, Roxane Lundy, Michel Pouzol, Laura Slimani, Jacques Terrenoire, Alice Brauns, Arash Saeidi, Naïma Charaï, Camille Bordes, Miloud Otsmane, Valérie de Saint-Do, Joao Cunha, Anne-Marie Luciani, Bastien Research, Ouassila Soum, Atte Oksanen, Colette Marie, Frédéric Laroche, Mary Jumps, Laurent Taton, Claire Schmitt, Laurent, Limousin, Fulvia Alberti, Gilles Le Gall, Céline Jouin, Gregory Glass, Clementina Vazquez, Thibaud Quotation Mark, Nathalie Bernard, Lucien Fontaine, Sarah Ecoffet-Chartier, Nicola Bertoldi, Sheila McCarron, Yann Delmon-Plantadis, Emmanuelle Rasseneur, Damien Landini, Daniele Carnino, Jean-Yves Billoré-Tenah, Isabell Scheele, Paul Bron, Sophie Dupressoir, Nicolas Dessaux, Emmanuelle Trocadero, Sébastien Mortreau, Sandrine Lelandais, Morgan Bush, Marianna Pastora, Jan Kasnik, Catherine Pagan, Hugues Meyer, Océane Legrand, Romain Queffélec, Mariam, Maman, Fabien Pic, Alice Bosler, Emmanuel Hugot, Marianne Dufour, Puline Langlois, Serge Méry, Melanie Russo, Alistair Connor, Marie Vacherot, Edouard Martin. According to a compilation of polls on the european elections of the month of April, the list Generation.s would be credited with 3.5% of votes. The results of the european elections would not be enough time for the list to obtain seats in the new Parliament, since it is necessary for it to reach 5%.

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