Lego Fortnite, the popular open-world survival game within Fortnite, offers players the opportunity to collect various materials, including the valuable resource known as Amber. In its Rough Amber form, this material can be found in the Dry Valley biome of the desert region in the game.

To acquire Rough Amber, players must venture into the Dry Valley biome, characterized by sandy mountains and cactuses. Look for gold-looking crystals growing out of the sides of tall rocks in the area – these are the Rough Amber deposits. To mine the Rough Amber, players will need a Tier 2 Uncommon or higher level pickaxe. It may also be helpful to have the Cool-Headed Charm or Snowberries to protect against the desert sun.

Once you have collected enough Rough Amber, you can then proceed to turn it into Cut Amber. This process involves bringing the Rough Amber to a Gem Cutter Station, which players must craft at their base. To create a Gem Cutter Station, you will need materials such as Marble Slabs, Rough Amber, Sand Claws, and Sand Shells.

After setting up the Gem Cutter Station and placing the Rough Amber inside, players must wait a few seconds for the machine to process the material and produce Cut Amber. This valuable resource can then be used to craft rare axes, upgrade the village base, and create an Essence Table for crafting even rarer items.

In conclusion, mastering the art of obtaining and processing Amber in Lego Fortnite can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. By following these steps, players can harness the power of this precious resource to create stronger tools and improve their base in the game. So, venture into the Dry Valley, collect Rough Amber, and unlock the potential of Cut Amber to dominate in Lego Fortnite.