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On France 2, the Prime Minister clarified the majority voting instructions for the second round of the legislative elections. “Our position is very clear: no voice for the far right. There are candidates who defend the values ​​of the Republic in this alliance of circumstance (the Nupes, editor’s note). Me, I, from Sunday evening, brought my support for Fabien Roussel for example, who is a Republican candidate”, she said. Read also Coignard – Legislative: the trick question of the Republican front

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne is the guest of the France 2 television news this Wednesday. The head of government again attacked Jean-Luc Mélenchon: “I’m not confusing things. The project carried out by Nupes is Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s project, it’s a project for a massive increase in taxes , taxes, a project that is dangerous for our economy and it is a project of collusion with Russia.” Read also Macron no longer has any reason to be Mélenchon’s hologram

The clip of Young people with Macron which depicts the coming to power of La France insoumise the day after the legislative elections was removed from social networks, a few hours after its publication. “We are removing this video in view of the hate messages that followed, especially towards image activists. We regret the misappropriation of the main message: calling on voters to say no to extremes and to give a strong majority to the president of the Republic”, explains the youth movement on its Twitter account.

[1/2] This morning we published a political fiction spot, aimed at calling for the vote and featuring some of the measures that could be taken if the extremes came to power and imposed their program.

The PS mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo came on Wednesday morning to support Léa Balage, the environmentalist candidate of Nupes in a favorable ballot in the 3rd district of Paris, and two other socialist candidates in the 2nd and 11th districts. The former presidential candidate, however, did not support the PS agreement with LFI, EELV and the PCF, believing that certain PS values ​​were betrayed. However, Anne Hidalgo announced on Twitter, photos in support, to have gone to support Léa Balage, deputy mayor PS of the 18th arrondissement. The candidate, a member of the management of EELV, obtained 38.6% of the votes in the first round, threatening to beat Minister Stanislas Guerini, close to Emmanuel Macron (32.5%) in the second.

Beautiful morning and good atmosphere in the 18th with @EricLejoindre and @AnneClaire_Boux to support @LeaBalage. Sunday, no voice must be missing from Léa so that she can represent the left and ecology in the National Assembly. Vote and make people vote around you!

The former President of the Republic would have received Astrid Panosyan-Bouvet, candidate of the presidential party in the 4th district of Paris, in order to give him “advice”, according to information from Le Parisien. The LR mayor of the 18th arrondissement of Paris reacted to this meeting on social networks, he describes Nicolas Sarkozy as “shabby. Unworthy. Traitor.”

On RTL, Jean-Luc Mélenchon issued an instruction for the second round of the legislative elections: “not a vote for the National Rally”. “The question is not to say for whom we must vote, but for whom we will not vote. I will never vote for the National Rally.”

In a press release, Maryse Combres, Nupes candidate in the 1st constituency of Lot-et-Garonne, announced her withdrawal because of “the dangerous presence of a candidate from the far right”, she explains. “The triangular configuration of this first round, with the dangerous presence of a candidate from the far right, does not allow us to calmly maintain a candidacy of the New People’s Ecological and Social Union in the second round.”

Press release from @MaryseCombres

Invited on RTL this Wednesday evening, Jean-Luc Mélenchon explained why the trip of the President of the Republic bothers him so much. This trip “was decided, not last Sunday (…) but months ago. So this man, at the same time as he decided that he would not participate in any presidential debate, decided that he would not participate nor to any debate in the legislative”, deplores the leader of the Insoumis.

For @JLMelenchon Emmanuel Macron’s trip to Romania and Moldova is “out of place”: the presidential and legislative elections “are administrative formalities and therefore he is leaving.” @JSellier’s guest in

The campaign is really going into the hard, four days before the second round, after Emmanuel Macron’s call on voters to give him a “solid” majority in the Assembly to avoid “disorder”, which is arousing outraged criticism or mocking his opponents. On Wednesday, the opposition pounded the statements of the Head of State and his trip abroad to Romania and Moldova in the middle of the in-between rounds, a “contempt” of the French according to the Insoumis Jean-Luc Mélenchon. For her part, Marine Le Pen spoke of “the very great excitement of the President of the Republic who is fleeing abroad”.

On Twitter, Marine Le Pen called on her voters to go to the polls on Sunday “because it is more and more likely that Emmanuel Macron will not have an absolute majority”. She adds: “This is visible by the very great feverishness of the President of the Republic who flees abroad, as every time he is in difficulty.”

Sunday, it is essential to go to vote because it is more and more likely that Emmanuel Macron does not have an absolute majority. This is visible by the very great feverishness of the President of the Republic who flees abroad, as every time he is in difficulty.