A new poll confirms the positive dynamics of the left-wing Nupes alliance and begins to threaten the absolute majority in terms of the seats of the macronie. According to an Ipsos and Sopra Steria, France TV and Radio France survey, published Thursday, June 9 (three days before the poll), Nupes continues to progress, to 28% of voting intentions for the first round of legislative elections on Sunday (0.5 point compared to the previous survey from June 3 to 6) and is now ahead of Renaissance (27%, -1 point), which includes LREM, the MoDem, Horizons and Agir. The National Rally is also down to 19.5% (-0.5 pt), but comes far ahead of Les Républicains (11%, stable) and Reconquête! (6%, 0.5 pts).

“We had a completely flat encephalogram with the balance of power that did not evolve, and there, for the first time, it quivers a little, there is the beginning of a dynamic rather in favor of Nupes and an erosion of Together ! “, commented on France Info the deputy director of Ipsos, Brice Teinturier.

“We’d still be ahead in seats for Ensemble!” because in a voting system where you have a second round, for the carryover of votes, the central coalition has an advantage over the coalitions” at the extremes, explains Brice Teinturier.

This was carried out from June 6 to 7 with a sample of 2,000 people representative of the French population, registered on the electoral lists, aged 18 and over. The margin of error is between 0.6 and 2.2%.