Marine Le Pen was elected by acclamation president of the National Rally group in the National Assembly, Thursday, June 23. “We have received only one candidacy for the presidency of the RN group, that of Marine Le Pen. I will ask my dear comrades, dear colleagues, to proceed to a vote not by a show of hands but by acclamation of Marine Le Pen at the head of the group, “said the chairman of the meeting, Sébastien Chenu, deputy from the North. The 89 deputies of the group then rose to applaud their new president.

The group also nominated Sébastien Chenu as candidate for the presidency of the National Assembly, and confirmed Jean-Philippe Tanguy, deputy for the Somme, as candidate for the finance commission. The RN is also seeking the posts of vice-president and quaestor in the Assembly. Arriving at the meeting, Marine Le Pen was pleased that Emmanuel Macron, in his televised speech on Wednesday evening, “intended, unlike his Minister for Relations with Parliament Olivier Véran, to consider that all political forces deserve ‘to be respected’. But she judged that he had not “understood what had happened” in the second round of the legislative elections by asking the opposition to “take the first step” to build compromises. “It is up to the majority to take the first step to amend its project” and “take into account the opinion of the voters”. “The functioning of the National Assembly will force it to understand this reality,” she added.

.@MLP_officiel elected by acclamation by the 88 other deputies RN president of the group at the assembly.

Given her new duties at the head of the group, Marine Le Pen had indicated that she would not take over the presidency of the National Rally, sought by the current occupant of the post ad interim Jordan Bardella, and perhaps Louis Aliot, vice -president of the movement and mayor of Perpignan. The elected RN was then to introduce this meeting by evoking “the role of a deputy”, then Sébastien Chenu explain “what is a good deputy”, and finally Jordan Bardella, who is an MEP, was to speak about “the articulation of the group with the party”. The 89 deputies have yet to discuss the formal organization of the group, whose secretary general must be Renaud Labaye, former chief of staff of Marine Le Pen during the presidential election.